Carpet Cleaning

Deep Carpet Cleaning Service for Commercial Businesses in Taylor, MI and the Surrounding Downriver Area  

Hand push carpet scrubber cleaning gray carpetFor all its benefits, carpeting has one distinct disadvantage: it’s hard to keep clean.

Moisture, dirt, hair and spores become buried in the fibers, making them difficult to remove without specialized equipment. Corporate Maintenance Janitorial has the skills and equipment needed to tackle even the most deeply embedded dust, allergens and dirt from any carpet.

As a commercial cleaning company based in Taylor, Michigan, we provide affordable, effective and eco-friendly carpet cleaning to all Metro Detroit businesses. With our services, you can improve your air quality, reduce health risks and keep your business clean and comfortable.

Quality Cleaning Methods to Purify Your Carpet

Corporate Maintenance Janitorial is committed to quality in all our carpet cleaning services. For us, quality means:

  • Comprehensive Cleaning We clean your carpet down to the deepest fibers, washing out dirt and hair while killing the mold or bacteria that has taken root. We also make sure to dry your carpet as we finish, minimizing the chance that any new mold, dirt or germs will become lodged in it.
  • Promoting Health & Sustainability in removing dirt and killing germs, the Corporate Maintenance Janitorial team avoids exposing you to harmful chemicals. We invest in safe, green cleaning solutions and methods for all of our commercial carpet cleaning customers.
  • Achieving Quick Results Corporate Maintenance Janitorial understands how important it is for businesses to avoid disruption and maintain regular work hours. For this reason, we wash your carpets as quickly as possible and are happy to provide our services after normal business hours, at any time that is convenient for you.

Our team seeks to keep your carpet as clean as possible, which is why we are always available to clean it, especially when spills or unexpected issues occur. No matter what type of carpeting you use, we have the equipment and expertise to leave it spotless.

The Many Benefits of Clean Carpets

Clean carpets aren’t a luxury; they’re essential for your health and that of everyone else in your building. By keeping your carpets free of dirt and grime, we provide:

  • Improved Air Quality The more dust, dirt and spores are lodged in your carpet, the more they will get into your air on a regular basis. Cleaning your carpet regularly reduces these threats to air quality, letting you breathe easy.
  • Reduced Disease Moist carpets become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, which can infect you and other occupants. By sanitizing and drying your carpet, we keep these health issues to a minimum.
  • Improved Comfort The less dirt and moisture there is in your carpet, the warmer and more comfortable you'll feel walking on it.
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