Commercial Cleaning

Professional, Commercial Cleaning Solutions in Taylor, MI and the Surrounding Downriver Community

Office building with cleaned floorsNo matter what type of company or organization you operate, you can’t afford to cut corners with cleanliness.

The cleaner your facilities are, the better your reputation will become, the easier it will be to comply with public health codes, and the more productive your employees, contractors and suppliers will be. As a skilled Southeast Michigan cleaner, Corporate Maintenance Janitorial offers business cleaning services throughout the Metro Detroit area. With our assistance, local businesses, nonprofits and government offices can achieve high standards of health, safety and professionalism.

Types of Properties that Can Benefit from Our Cleaning Services

Corporate Maintenance Janitorial provides commercial cleaning services to a wide range of facilities, including:
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Office buildings
  • Factories
  • Public buildings

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

The Corporate Maintenance Janitorial team specializes in a range of different cleaning solutions, such as:
  • Warehouse Cleaning/Sweeping We have extensive experience with industrial cleaning for warehouses and related facilities. From removing harmful chemicals to simply sweeping your floors, we will keep your building spotless.
  • Office Cleaning We can disinfect surfaces, sweep floors, and wash carpets for offices.
  • School Cleaning By cleaning floors, carpets, desks and school equipment, we not only make ordinary school activities more sanitary, but also improve air quality, reducing the number of particles that can harm students’ health.

How Professional Cleaning Can Improve the Health of Your Employees

It’s easy to overlook the critical role that regular cleaning plays in employee health. Every day, your workers and contractors cough, sneeze and rub their eyes. This spreads germs on their keyboards, in the kitchen and bathrooms, and in countless other locations that everyone uses. Professional cleaning washes away these germs, preventing your employees from getting each other sick.

Besides removing germs, professional cleaning also improves air quality. The more dust, mold and hair there is in your carpet, the more particles get into your air on a regular basis. Cleaning your carpet limits the supply of particles, improving everyone’s respiratory health. A professional cleaner can also clean or change the filters in your HVAC system, allowing them to remove more harmful particles from the air and make it even more breathable.

Save Money by Outsourcing Your Commercial Cleaning Needs

Hiring a professional cleaning company isn’t just more effective than cleaning yourself; it’s more affordable. As a professional cleaner with large numbers of clients, Corporate Maintenance Janitorial can buy disinfectants, cleaning equipment and other essential items in bulk. This allows us to take advantage of volume discounts, reducing the total price of our services. We are also better able to assess the specific products you need to clean your workplace, preventing us from buying or bringing anything unnecessary.

Corporate Maintenance Janitorial is committed to cleaning your workplace quickly, affordably and effectively. To learn more or order our commercial cleaning services, contact us today at (734) 676-3665.
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