VCT Cleaning

Professional Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) Cleaning in Taylor, MI and the Surrounding Areas 

Cleaned vinyl composite tile (VCT) floorsTired of looking at your scuffed, stained and generally dirty vinyl composite floors?

Keeping your floors clean in a heavily-trafficked, commercial property isn’t easy. Especially when your floors are made of vinyl, composite tile or other materials with specialized cleaning needs. Corporate Maintenance Janitorial offers VCT cleaning to customers across the Metro Detroit area. With our aid, you can keep your floors shiny and spotless for years to come.


How VCT Cleaning Affects Your Brand Image

As a company trying to encourage consumers to take an interest in you, one of the best things you can do is give off an image of cleanliness. When potential customers walk into your offices, they should be stunned by how clean and beautiful your workspace is. Your dedication to cleanliness is often a reflection of the care and dedication to quality you put into other aspects of your business. With a single treatment, we can vastly improve the appearance of your floor. And by following this up with regular cleanings, we can maintain the same spotless image for years.

Why Trust a Professional VCT Cleaner?

Companies often assume that they can clean VCT floors, on their own, by simply sweeping and mopping them. But while this will reduce dirt and debris in the short term, it doesn’t deal with the more lasting issues that VCT floors have. Over time, dirt, moisture and pressure from people’s feet can eat away at the seal over your floor, making the underlying surface vulnerable to stains and scuffing. We have the professional equipment and knowledge needed to restore the seal on your flooring and increase its lifespan.

Your Guide to Stripping & Waxing Floors

VCT cleaning is a complex process and Corporate Maintenance Janitorial has developed a strategy to ensure good results, which involves:

  • Clearing the Surface We begin by removing all dirt, debris, hair, dust and anything else on the surface of the floors. This ensures that nothing will get into our cleaning and sealing materials later in the process.
  • Removing & Resealing Once the floor is completely clean, we take the sealer off, along with the finish. We then reseal the floor. This allows us to eliminate any openings in your sealer so that the floor is fully protected. It also lets us update your floor with more effective sealing products as they are developed.
  • Finishing the Floor We end by finishing and buffing the floor, restoring its full shine and making it look as good as new.
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